Stop Copy of your Profile Photo on Facebook

How to Stop Copy of your Profile Photo on Facebook

Some of the peoples use Facebook with wrong intentions and to exploit some of the innocent Facebook users. It may also happens that your friend may use your profile Picture to approve some of the work or he may even try to black-mail you – just for fun. But still at the time of Setting-up of our Account or even while changing our Profile Picture we don’t care about the privacy of our Profile Picture. If your Profile Picture goes in wrong hand then you may face some problems.

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So, the next time you change your Profile Picture then keep in mind about maintaining its security because someone may have an eye on your Activities. It can be easily done just by going to Facebook and activating some of the options.

How to Stop Copy of your Profile Photo on Facebook

  1. Log-in to your Account.
  2. Now just Goto your Facebook Timeline.
  3. Click on your Profile Photo/Image.
  4. Now Click on on Top Right Side of your Profile Photo next to your Name on ‘Arrow’.
  5. Click on More Options and Select ‘Only Me’.How-to-Stop-Copy-of-your-Profile-Photo-on-Facebook-1
  6. Close the options and your Changes will be saved.

Now your profile Photo cannot be copied by anyone and you will be avoiding those persons who want to use your profile Picture for wrong purpose. Remember that you should perform these steps all of the time to maintain some privacy on Facebook.

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