Stop the Windows 10 Updates Completely

Microsoft Windows 10 has made Very Difficult to Stop the Windows Update Service and this is not Liked by many of the Users. But ‘Where there’s a Will, there is a Way‘. Said by Many of the Peoples and is True Because Windows 10 has Not Given the Direct Access to Stop the Windows 10 Update but Can be Stopped by Some Mentioned Tricks over Here.

Whatever the Reason will be to Change the area of Windows 10 Update, we don’t Care. The Only Thing We Care about our New Windows 10 is to Stop the Updates in Future, as these Windows 10 Update Realizes that the Windows Copy is Genuine or not, the Installed Games are Pirated or not, it also Peeps-in your Privacy But it also Enhances Your PC Appearance and Programmes (Lying) at the Same Time. Still if you Don’t Want these Updates to be Carried On, as Windows 10 Installed Copy is Alone Enough to Fulfill the Appearance and Programme Needs then follow these Steps and Stop those filthy Updates. 

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Requirements to Stop the Windows 10 Update Completely:

  1. Your Computer or Laptops.
  2. Windows 10 Operating Systems.
  3. 10 Peoples in your House. (Optional)

How to Stop the Windows 10 Update Completely

Settings Method:

Step 1: Go in your Settings by Clicking on ‘Start’ and then Click on ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Open the ‘Update and Security’ Option.

Step 3: Now Just Click on ‘Advanced Option’  which will be under ‘Windows Update’.

Step 4: Then Select First Option as ‘Notify to Schedule Restart’ whose Heading will be ‘Choose how Updates are installed’,

Step 5: Mark the ‘Defer Upgrade’ Option and Click on ‘Choose how Updates are Delivered’.Stop the Windows 10 Updates Completely 1

Step 6: Turn Off the Button which will be Under ‘Updates from More than One Place’.Stop the Windows 10 Updates Completely 2

Now Close all the Options as you will not get Disturbed by the Updates when it Will be available to you. But if you are not Satisfied with this Method to Stop those Updates then Use the Services Method to Stop the Windows 10 Update. By Using the above Method will Only Temporarily Pause the Updates. To Stop the Windows 10 Updates Completely, you must use this Method also.

Services Method:

Step 1: Open Cortana or Directly Search for ‘Services’.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Open ‘Windows Updates’.

Step 3: Then you Just Have to Select ‘Startup type’ and ‘Disable’ it. Then Click on Apply & OK and Restart your PC Now or Later for Better Access.Stop the Windows 10 Updates Completely 3

In order to Completely Block the Update Service you should use these two Methods. If you will use any Method Like Setting or Services Method then it is Ok but Some of the Update Service will Go On in Background Process. So, it is recommended that you should use Both the Methods to Stop the Windows 10 Updates.

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