Terms of Use

There are no specific Terms & Conditions for using the Tips and Tricks of this Site. The users are free to use the Tips and Tricks of tricksnow.com as it is written for them only. So that anyone can use it at any time and there are no restriction on any of the Tip or a trick but read the post thoroughly.

By using any Tip or a Trick does not imply any of the Liability on any of the user. A user is free to use the Tip or a Trick according to their Needs (some of the Tricks are prone to a specific time), the user must read the post thoroughly to get an idea of that Tip or a Trick available.

And further, the user must be aware before he uses any Tip or a Trick of tricksnow.com. The site is not responsible for any changes applied anywhere.

However, the user is solely responsible for the changes that he have decided to make (usually, nothing goes wrong) but you should be aware of your surroundings! and the changes that were made before also after that only you should ask any Question.

Words used – Prefixes:

1. Users – Visitors visiting this site.

2. Terms & Conditions – Refers to the Rules & Regulations of this site.

3. Solely – Refers to the user itself.

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