Top and Best Desktop Environments for Linux

Linux is not good ! Linux Lack’s certain feature’s ! Linux doesn’t performs well when it comes to software environments or Linux is very hard to Understand – These are the answers that you get from the users who uses Windows or MAC Operating Systems (OS). But let us tell you that the great Android OS is based on Linux kernel.

Unlike Windows and Mac Operating Systems, Linux offers a variety of PC environments for their OS users. Each PC environments has its own looks, style, features and a user can install any one of these desktop environments on the basis of the user requirements. Some of these PC Operating System environments are also available for machines with low hardware configurations also.

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If you’re not sure that which Linux desktop environment is more suitable for you then don’t worry about it, we’ve put together Best 6 Linux desktop environments that will help you out in selecting the best environment for you. So let’s get started with these Tips on Linux Evironments:

Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux:

1. Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon is based on Gnome library files which is designed for Linux Mint users. It is an easy to use environment which is very powerful desktop environment and it is flexible, with combination of the traditional layout and advanced features.Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux 1

Download → Cinnamon 


  • GNOME is introduced to provide easy and simple access to all of the data by integrating it with online accounts. Some other important features offered by GNOME are Activities Overview, side-by-side windows to view several documents, and an easy way to deal with notifications comfortably.Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux 2

Download → GNOME 

3. KDE

  • KDE (K Desktop Environment) is one of the most popular Linux Desktop environments and it is also a contender for GNOME. It resembles the Windows Desktop, so if you want to experience a desktop similar to Windows OS, this is the option for you. While KDE comes with a visually intriguing GUI and a bunch of powerful features, the combo which makes it a resource-hungry desktop environment.Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux 3

Download → KDE 


  • Despite its popularity with earlier versions, the simplistic design of GNOME 3 didn’t go well with many GNOME Environment users. The Linux community decided to continue development of GNOME 2 and designers came up with MATE. MATE offers a GNOME 2 environment with new features and improvements to assure users of an improved Linux advantages.Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux 4

Dowmload → MATE 

5. Unity

  • Founded in 2010, the Unity project started by ‘Mark Shuttleworth’ and ‘Canonical’ has gone on to deliver a consistent user experience for desktop and netbook users alike. Putting great design at the heart of the project, Unity and its technologies such as Application indicators, System indicators, and Notify OSD, have strived to solve common problems in the Free Software desktop while optimizing the experience for touch, consistency and collaboration.
  • Unity is the native desktop environment for Ubuntu, replacing GNOME. It goees with an application dock which can be scrolled if the number of applications exceeds the screen view area. Unity works smoothly on a System with good hardwares.Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux 5

Download → Unity

6. Razor-Qt

  • Razor-qt is an advanced, easy-to-use and fast desktop environment based on Qt technologies. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed and an intuitive interface. Unlike most desktop environments, Razor-qt also works fine with weak machines.
  • Probably the best Linux environment for old Systems.Top Best Desktop Environments for Linux 4 6

Download → Razor-QT 

These are the Top Best Linux environments which can be used on modern machines and old Machines also.

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