Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone

Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone

It becomes difficult to transfer the Data when we get a New Phone or a New Device. Whether it is Android, iPhone or an iOS Device, we just start Looking here and there to Transfer their Data’s. If you are Transferring the Data’s from your Old Device which has the same Operating Systems Like iPhone to iPhone then it is OK, else you should Continue with this Article.

iPhone and Android SmartPhones account nearly 96.3% of the SmartPhone shipment in 2014 worldwide reported by International Data Communication (IDC). But at the same time the Users of these Device Search for the Various ways to Transfer their Phones and Devices Contents to be Updated with their Gadgets. 

If you are an Android/iPhone user and going to change your Android Phone to iPhone or vice-versa, the most important thing that many peoples Consider is that Transferring Contacts from Old Devices and after that People Search for the Best Solution to Transfer data from Android to iPhone. You can also do it with iCloud but it has Many Limitation and Restrictions.

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Now copying or transferring your contacts from Android to your new iPhone or vice-versa can be much easier than before. With help of Aiseesoft FoneCopy, you can simply transfer your data without the fear of loss of contact, call history, SMS and other vital informations. The most interesting part of this application is that it can move all of your contact details such as emails, websites, contact photos, addresses, phone number types, and notes also.

You just need a computer, two phones (iPhone and Android) and Aiseesoft FoneCopy. Aiseesoft FoneCopy is that Ultimate Application that will do this for you. You can easily do the Following Mentioned thing with Aiseesoft FoneCopy:

  • Transfer old phone data to new phones.
  • Sync files when switching between iPhone and Android phone or vice-versa.
  • Phone’s dead or smashed ? Backup all the data to another device.
  • Afraid of data loss with iTunes ? Don’t be now !
  • A phone to phone file transfer, two cables and simple clicks is all you need.
  • Supports the latest iOS and Android devices.

Requirements to Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone:

1. PCs with any Version of Windows OS.
2. Android and iPhone/iOS Device connected with USB Cables.

How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone

Step 1: Download and Install the Aiseesoft FoneCopy Application on your Windows PC. If you have any difficulty in getting the Aiseesoft FoneCopy the get it from here:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step 2: Connect both Android phone and iPhone to your PCs:

Connect your Android Phone and iPhone to your Computer and make sure that their Drivers are correctly installed. If not then Download and Install them from their Manufacturers Site.Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone 1

Step 3: Set the source and target device:

After connecting the Phones, make sure the Android phone appears on the left and the iPhone on the right or vice-versa. If they are not in the right place then you can click “Switch” to switch their places.

Step 4: Start to copy Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice-Versa:

After the Connection has been established between your devices and PC,you can start the Transfer Process.Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone 2

You can use other Application if this doesn’t helps you and is a Simple application that it can do this for you. There is not much difference between this Application. Phone Copier is designed for copying data between various mobile devices, capable of bridging differences between various phone brands and operating systems. MobilEdit Phone copier allows you to copy data directly from phone to phone using the MOBILedit or to copy your data using secure Internet Storage. Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone 6

Further, if you want to be free from these PC Applications. Then you may use CloneIT App for transferring Old Android Phone data to new Android for Advanced Transfer.

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