Turn On the God Mode of Windows 10

Turn On the God Mode of Windows 10

God Mode in Microsoft’s Windows 10 is Somewhat Related to Maintain your Windows 10 PC. If you are a Windows 10 Lover then you will Surly Love this God Mode as this Mode will Enable you to Control even the Unknown Parts of your PC. Let me be Clear that, No Gods are Involved in this Trick as this Trick only focuses on Betterment of Windows 10.

God Mode is Nothing but a Shortcut for Windows 10 Operating Systems which Contains the Most Useful Shortcuts for your Windows 10 Computer and Laptops. These Shortcuts are hardly found by a Common Windows 10 Users from Settings. It will enable you to Create and format Hard Disk Partitions, Edit Group Policy, Change Default Settings for Media or Device, Show Hidden Folders, Change Font Settings, Add a Language, do changes in Troubleshooting Options and many more System Managing Options are available over Here. Over 200 Different System Changing Options are available over here to Improvise with your Windows 10 Changes.

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Requirements to Enable the God Mode of Windows 10

  1. Computer or Laptop.
  2. Windows 10 Operating System.
  3. 5 Trucks. (Optional)

How to Enable the God Mode of Windows 10

Step 1: Goto your Desktop and Create a New Folder.

Step 2: Now Rename that folder Name with this Name:

 GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}Turn On the God Mode of Windows 10 1

Step 3: You can write any Name instead of ‘GodMode’ and Hit Enter.Turn On the God Mode of Windows 10 2

It is not that you can Name this Folder Shortcut to ‘God Mode’ only, you can also give it any Name as this Shortcut can Adjust with any Name but remember that the Rest of the Code should be as it is. Also while Creating this God Mode Folder, there is No Specific Guidelines that you should Create this Shortcut on your Desktop Only.

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