Uninstall any Software with Advanced Controls

Uninstall any Software with Advanced Controls

Now you can Uninstall any of the Software which you want. You must be thinking that why I am saying this to you, have I lost my mind? I have not lost my mind, I’m saying this because Uninstalling a Software from your Windows Computer or Laptop will not remove its Registry and other junk files & will occupy your precious Space which Slows Down your PC as time Goes By.

Uninstall of Software from a Windows OS can be done easily by anyone. You just have to select ‘Uninstall a Program/Apps and Features’ from Control Panel or from ‘Settings’. But there are some Programs that will not be removed easily which are usually the Plugins like ad-wares or other Internet Creepy Toolbar. They will leave the Registry Files and other junk files after the Uninstall is Completed. These Plugins and Toolbar are not So Useful & will Slow Down your Internet Surfing Speed with your PC.

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IOBit Uninstaller is Perfect Solution for these type of Compete Removal of Different Applications. When you will Install the IObit Uninstaller, you can Uninstall any of the App/Software very easily without leaving any of the leftover files in your Windows PC of that Programme. With this, you will also get an Option of ‘Shred File’ with this Application and you can use it by Right Click on any file.

We Personally Recommend you to use this Software for Uninstalling any Application, because it will create a Restore Point before Uninstalling any of your Program which you can Restore easily by System Restore.


1. IObit Uninstaller.

2. Computer or Laptops with Windows OS. (any version)

3. A Software/Application Installed on your PC.

How to Uninstall Applications with Advanced Controls of your PC

Step 1: Download and Install the IObit UninstallerIf you are facing any difficulty then Get it from here:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step 2: Open it and Select any of the Software/Application that you want to Remove from your Windows PC.

Step 3: It will automatically Create a Restore Point before the Uninstall of a Software. (If the ‘Create Restore Point’ Option is Marked)

Step 4: When the Uninstall will be Finished, it will ask you to Run the ‘Powerful Scan’. Run it and Delete the Registry files and also the files which are Left in your ‘Program Files’ Folder, But Mark the ‘Shred File Option also’.Uninstall any Software with Advanced Controls 1

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