Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices

Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices

The Biggest trouble we may face in our Life is that when our Phones or other Mobile Devices gets Locked or gets inaccessible due to Various Reasons. Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices are currently ruling the Mobile Device market but varies from each other due to their Features and their Operating Systems.

It doesn’t happens all the Time but when it happens then you may face some difficulties. Usually you Set a Pattern or Pin Lock to protect your Device from others but some kinky peoples might be concerned about your Data. In order to get your Devices Access, those Peoples may try to change your Pattern or Pin. Further, if they do it then you may get in some trouble.

Also when you try to change your Pattern or Pin Lock, you may get messed up some time while doing it. When your Device gets Locked, you may go to some Professional or you Friend to Get it Unlocked. Your friend or that Professional may take some Advantage of Situation and may Look around your Data or he/she may Manipulate your Data.

Further to avoid Such situations, you should be aware of the ways that are Available for your Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices. If you are using Android Devices then you should do some pre-requisites on them whereas iPhone and iOS will require you to be a Part of the iCloud from where you can Access the Devices of your Family Members also.

You may send a Recovery Request on your Email Address or you may use some other options that are available for recovery of your Pattern or Pin. If the Recovery option works then its Good, but be ready if Something goes Wrong. The only way to Erase that Pattern or Pin is that you have to do a Factory Reset on your Device. The Professionals or your friend will do this with some Tools or other thing but you can do it by yourself also. 

Note: You may Recover your Data also, if you have its Backup.

How to Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices

Step 1: Android Users must Download and Install the Android Device Manager Application on their Android Devices.

Step 2: Open the app and Sign in with your Gmail Account.

Step 3: Enable the Device Location, Lock and Erase by going in Google Settings of your App Drawer. Open the Google Settings and Tap on Security. Now Enable the ‘Remotely Locate this Device’ and ‘Allow Remote lock an erase’.Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices 1

Step 4: Now if you Decide to Erase your Google Device then Open this Device Manager Page and Login with your Google Account which is Active on your Device also.

Step 5: Select your Device and its Location will be Shown to you, Now you can Erase your Device if you want in order to Unlock its Pattern or Pin.Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices 2

Erase your device or a family member’s device:

  1. Go to Find My iPhone on iCloud.com by entering your ID and Password or your Family Members ID & Password.
  2. Click All Devices, then select the device you want to erase.
  3. In the device’s Info window, click Erase Device.Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices 3

  1. Go to Microsoft Site and Sign into your Account which is active on your Windows Phone.
  2. Choose the phone you want to erase, then click Find My Phone.
  3. Now Click on Erase to get your Phone Clean its Data.Unlock Pattern of Android, iPhone, iOS or Windows Devices 4

The Mentioned steps are also usefull when your Device Gets Locked or when it goes in Unsafe Hands. These ways will also Enable you Track and Lock your Device if you want. But this type of Tracking and Erasing is only possible when you have Internet Access on your Device. 

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