Use your Android Devices as a Webcam

You can use your Android Devices as a Webcam of your PC’s without any Hesitation. It will also Save your Money and Extra Space Allocation for a WebCam. After Installing the WebCam Application, you can use the camera of your Android Phone and Tablet as the Camera of your Computers and Laptops.

This Application will give you the Freedom from Wires and will Connect even without Internet Connection, but you have to be Inter-Connected with a WiFi Connection. Now if you want to Start a Video Conference or just want to Start a Conversation with your Friends, then Install this Application on your Android Devices and PC’s. Also this Application will also not Store Any of Private Data which may create any Type of Problem for you. This can be also Good when your WebCam has got Damaged and you want Make an Urgent Video Call for your Business. So Install this Application your Androids and PC & Make Video Conference with anyone.

Requirements to Use your Phone Camera Like a WebCam of your PC:

  1. Computer or Laptops with Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  2. Android Smart Phones or Tablets.
  3. Both Android Devices and Windows PC Connected with Same IP Address.
  4. Connect with 3G/4G/5G or with WiFi Adapter/Router.
  5. Permission from your Father to use this Application. (Optional)

How to Use your Phone Camera Like a WebCam of your PC

Step 1: Download and Install the IP Webcam Application on your Androids and Windows PC.

Step 2: Open the App on your Android Devices and Configure it According to your Internet Speed. 

Step 3: After that Scroll Down & Tap on ‘Start Server’ and Note-Down the IP Address given on the Screen.Use your Android Devices as a Webcam 2

Step 4: To Test the Configuration, Open your PC’s Google Chrome or Firefox Browser and Write the Address given on the Screen of Android. If everything goes Right then you will get Connected and if not then Repeat the Steps again.Use your Android Devices as a Webcam 1

Step 5: Only When you Get Connected with IP Address on your PC Browser, Open the IP Address Application Installed on your Windows PC and Write the IP Address in Camera Feed URL. Apply the Changes and Start using your Camera.Use your Android Devices as a Webcam 3

If Some of your Windows Application does not Detect your WebCam then Set it Manually by going in your Applications Settings. There are Many Applications Available for Using your Phone as your Camera but this Application is Simple and Easy to Configure.

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